• i'm falling in this deep sea,
    drowning with no air,
    trying to swim back up,
    to find out if you really care,
    and these thoughts that make me nervous,
    like its all to good to be,
    making me continously wonder,
    if theres really a you & me,
    when i looked back on me and you,
    and all our old times,
    sittin' under the stars,
    screamin' to the top of our lungs,
    but baby i cant do this,
    and keep pushing so hard,
    to try and get you back,
    i cant go that far,
    to cry myself to sleep,
    every night i lie,
    dreamin of a me and you,
    and love was our only high,
    i think back on the old me and you,
    and realize that we've changed,
    but always in love deeply,
    we've also stayed the same.
    when i dreamed of you,
    i fell so hard and fast,
    not caring if anyone knew,
    not caring how long it'd last,
    but when i woke up i would scream,
    with agonizing pain,
    remembering the times,
    running through the rain,
    growing strong, and keeping our heads high,
    we'd stay together forever,
    and under the stars we'd lie.