• Alone in a darkened room.
    Muffled, gargling screams.
    Make out a sound
    Slow it down.
    Watch the hair frey like fire.
    Burn the hole in a broken child's heart.
    Watch, witness love die.
    Love is life.
    Blonde, turns to grey.
    Empty green lakes,
    Like burning to golden browning leaves,
    Eyes wide.

    Turn the page,
    In the water,
    Words dissolve
    The black liner on the cheeks.
    Cold as stone.
    Flicker book photo albums.
    Through time running by,
    Running free.

    Falling, falling fast.
    Drowning slow.
    Losing light,
    Still on a street corner. (Not still enough).
    Beaming pools on a pavement.
    Like the shutter on a camera.
    Smashing surfaces!
    Failure, fail to live.
    And now, you'll fail to choke. (Fail to fall).

    Fluttering so loud,
    A fire, broken.
    Again, AGAIN!
    In a face, from the throat.
    Black and blue, like bruises.
    Bite like bruises.
    Full of air, and