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    Look away now,
    You shouldn't see,
    All this pain and suffering,
    You have placed on to me.

    There is no cure,
    Nothing to help,
    You know my love is pure,
    Though you should to disagree.

    I wasn't the one who cheated,
    Who leaved me there all alone,
    Through the good and bad getting beated,
    Ripped apart, flesh from bone.

    Sure leave me now,
    Make me face,
    All the impurities of this town,
    Leaving without a trace.

    The sun shines through the window,
    I turn around half expecting you,
    But i should know,
    You're not coming back.

    Not after all this,
    All this trouble,
    All this pain,
    Not after everything we've gone through.

    But I still expect you to show up one day,
    Saying you love me,
    This is the only way,
    I can say "I Love You"
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