• you came in my life
    nothing special was going on
    but you were easy to talk to,
    a great friend i could count on,
    and a great companion when i needed you,
    and when i was with you,
    i felt as if sparks flew
    we held a special relationship
    not even i could explain what i was feeling
    but there was one thing that i knew
    you were more than a friend to me
    and you meant everything to me
    my whole life was you.
    i loved everything about you
    you were perfect,
    and the one for me.
    everything about you made me love you even more
    each time we talked,
    and each time i thought about you
    but soon after,
    our love reached a point
    th climax-
    when our love was greatest
    and i couldn't doubt what i was feeling
    but after that,
    you would find someone else
    and everything would be different
    and we were never gonna have that spark between us anymore.
    i would never know whether this was true love
    or a simple blinded fantasy
    created by my imagination....