• let not me bruise the fruit of the heart in which I find so much beauty

    such a flowing sea of golden hair is worthy of a godess in my eyes

    Oh! how I long to show my desire that knows no bounds

    I'm lost in her eyes, which are such a beautiful shade of light blue

    each day I hear her voice in the wind singing, as a siren's song drawing me closer and closer with each passing moment

    I must make my feelings known!

    tonight I will see if such a maiden could be mine

    I pass under the bridge only to find such a beutiful woman who's heart I yearned for, had already been stolen by a young prince

    I should have known, how could I earn favor with her over him, after all I am but a mere squire in my lord's court. Never shall I love again...

    I leave you my diary with this letter. I wish you the best with him.

    Farewell Juliet... for you I once loved