• On a clear April's night
    In the year 1nineteen-twelve
    Sailed the great ship, Titanic,
    Gigantic and swell.

    Brisk was the air.
    Cold was the ocean.
    Titanic sailed on,
    The sea smooth as lotion.

    On the forward mast
    The crow's nest did lay.
    The look outs had been there
    Since earlier that day.

    An emergency call was made
    To try to Port round it,
    But with a rudder so small,
    The ship struck! Confound it!

    Passengers of all classes
    Felt that harsh motion.
    They all ran on deck
    And sought the commotion.

    The bow sank lower,
    Down into the deep.
    But people below
    Were still sound asleep.

    "Give us a chance!"
    Cry poor Third-Class men.
    "Women and children only!"
    Shout angry Office men.

    The lifeboats, half filled,
    Were launched from the ship;
    The people in them did nothing
    Except wait and sit.

    As the bow sank lower,
    The stern rose up.
    To keep people from panic,
    The orchestra set up.

    All through the night
    The orchestra played.
    Though with music of joy,
    The chaos was still made.

    People threw chairs
    Out into the sea
    To get away from the ship,
    As far as can be.

    The stern had risen
    Up into the sky;
    The passengers held fast
    To keep from falling from high.

    The lights went out.
    It was hard to see.
    The ship snapped in two,
    The sound loud as can be.

    As the bow sank,
    It pulled the stern back.
    Then it broke off
    With a relatively soft crack.

    The stern just bobbed there,
    Standing up straight.
    The sea, still calm,
    Waited to gobble the ship so great.

    The ship called Titanic,
    As she began to descend,
    Was finally arriving
    At her sorrowful end.

    Three-quarters died
    During that very sad fall;
    Merely watching it
    Was sad for passengers all.

    The ship now sits
    Beneath Ocean Atlantic.
    "Rest in peace," says I
    To the R.M.S. Titanic.