• Demons

    Blood shot eyes judging the soul

    Leaving nothing for the souls to hide

    They run and run

    They can’t escape from what hunts them inside

    Nothing is left behind

    What has gotten to them

    No one knows

    But 1

    He has a story to tell

    And fearfully tells

    The large rounded blooded eyes

    Wings of an eagle

    Feet and claws of a hawk

    I’ve been attacked

    Not once but twice

    I live in fear constantly

    With nothing to hide

    What does the demon hide inside?

    My Dog Colonel

    My dog Colonel

    Had left farewell

    Never to be seen again

    My dog Colonel

    Was sweet

    And kind hearted

    Nice to any one he would meet

    Except for one

    When he seen him

    It made me laugh

    When he would bark

    To bad when he was put to sleep

    And I would have to say goodbye

    He is now in my backyard

    With my other dog Harley

    Goodbye, Colonel