• When the call comes,
    The siren blares, the gear if put on
    And the engines start up.
    They speed off, not knowing what lies ahead
    Not knowing if they will return, alive or dead.
    Yet they never cower, and never run away.
    They stare down the fire.
    Reciting the firefighters prayer.
    And silently telling loved ones
    That they will see them when all is done.
    They role out the hoses, and turn on the water
    Hitting the fire with all their might.
    Within the distance they hear the scream.
    Of someone stuck in the blaze.
    Without hesitation, or a moment of fear.
    They charge in, axes in hand, into the fire abyss.
    They pressed on, no matter how dark it was.
    To save the life, was what they were thinking of
    Little by little, the building starts to fall.
    But the fighters continue on, knowing this might be the end.
    Once the building falls, tears fall from everyone’s eyes.
    When suddenly a group of fighters comes out,
    While carrying a family of three.
    But of the five brave soles that went in.
    Only four came out.
    That fighter gave their life,
    To protect their brothers and sisters.
    This is for the fallen.
    Who never made it home.
    You will always be remembered.
    And will stay in our hearts.