• verse 1 the unnamed unnamed unnamed (x3) yea!
    mabye if i couldve just walked down the street i would b noticed noticed noticed
    mabye if i was the one to write the first buk i wouldv been knowned been knowned knowned!
    yeah yeah yeah i woulda been
    yeah yeah yeah i coulda been shoulda been yeaaaaaah!!!!

    like thinking of u! nevr.... knowing u
    the unnamed! ur the unnamed 2 me! (x2)
    just like playback by playback by playback
    never thinking before you act
    youre the...unnamed to me

    verse 2 mabye if i wouldve just been the one with the friends the over flowing friends i wouldnt be here be here today
    mabye if it wasnt...you...all...youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!
    mabye if it was just me instead of you
    then it would be equall toooo....
    the both of us


    mabye (mabye mabye) just mabye (mabye mabye) JUST MABYE

    (repeat verse 1 and 2)

    verse 3 just laying here dreaming
    waking up to friends
    finally ur still unnamed
    but also un mentioned