• I sit here all alone
    in my room
    as my thoughts turn to you
    I cry

    I wonder why
    You have left me here
    to fear
    and fall into despair

    I've fallen beneath my tears
    and the dark gloom that engulfs me
    Hands to the ground
    Face cast down
    as tears fall down

    The sky is grey
    Dreary and misty
    Chill air blows thru my frail body
    throwing me to the ground

    My body grows weak
    My hazel eyes full of grief
    My heart aching
    My hands sweating

    Struggling to get through each day
    to get back on my way
    to you

    Falling and Crashing
    is what i seem to do though
    I'm falling over the stones
    in my way
    and they break me down

    But i remember
    that you told me
    that you are here
    and I'm not alone

    So l look to you
    and I cry to you
    I fall down
    on my bed
    and cry
    for you to help me
    for you to love me

    When will you reach out?
    and touch me
    and love me
    and hold me close to you

    So i can feel alive
    and not so dead inside
    I need you by my side
    to lift me up again

    I am alone now
    in my pain
    Calling out to you in the rain
    and my shirt tear stained

    I look up to the sky
    Where blue skies used to lie
    but now only grey
    as i stay

    I hold on to you
    and cry on your shoulder
    I break down
    and lay down
    and you hold me close
    to you

    My tears fall on you
    You wipe them from my eyes
    and you hold me
    close to you

    You show me your love
    and let your heart touch me
    as I cry out
    to you

    I fall asleep
    with you by my side
    and you kiss me
    so gently
    You whisper
    that you love me
    and I hug you
    and i know that
    I am not alone.