• a familiar tug pulls at my heart,
    as i think of you, as i think of me,
    as i think of what i wouldnt let us become.
    you tryed so hard to get closer and all i did
    was push you away harder,
    not wanting to let myself be hurt.
    but as i sit now and think,
    i relize that the pain is from me pushing
    and not from leting myself fall for you.
    you tryed to help me see that
    you would never hurt me
    like i had been hurt before.
    but my mind was shut to all reason
    i was sure that if i fell for you as hard as
    i was begining to, my heart would be crushed.
    i see now i am only crushed because
    i wouldnt let you in.
    im crushed because i wouldnt let you love me.
    and now nothing i do will ever bring you back to me.
    so i sit here weeping at the thought of never loving you again.