• Running my
    Hands through the
    River’s still water
    I make my
    Alter oh so slightly

    After the
    Ripples cease
    Their endless dance
    I cant see
    You near me
    I had never had

    I can taste the sweetness of our past
    But not anymore
    You have gone so far, that I cant be sure
    Will this peace last?
    That’s the question I want answered
    Maybe as time passes us both…
    I believe-

    In the spring I miss the feel of your soft skin
    Against mine beautifully
    And in the summer your fingers running along
    My blushing cheek
    The fall brought us together once and for all
    You for me, me for you
    Winter you were next to me
    Keeping me safe and warm
    Why did you go?

    Gazing at
    The fire
    I see you leaving
    My heart breaks
    And it aches
    Like nothing before

    Cant you feel me everywhere you go?
    Because I do
    Or have you forgotten what I meant to you?
    We’ll be alright…
    At least that’s what I’ve made myself believe
    Why don’t you take me in your arms
    And stay with me?

    The spring brought flowers of many colors
    Filling up our eyesight
    And in the summer both you and me
    In a small stream
    In the fall we saw all the leaves fall
    So pretty, so slowly
    But in the winter it seemed
    It ended things for me
    Including you’re love…

    All of the four seasons brought many thing
    Both for you and for me
    I’ll never forget anything
    Its to pretty
    Everything you ever said
    And I said back
    Stays locked up in my mind
    And then here comes everything
    The four seasons with your love
    I’ll never forget…

    Stay with me…