• I Started off Just like any other kid,
    Playing with my siblings,
    and the neighborhood kids,
    I had a few good friends,
    But they betrayed me in the end,
    I went on to school,
    Made some more good friends,
    played some more good games,
    But what I didn't realize,
    was that I was Victimized,
    Always being picked on,
    being blamed,
    Being hurt,
    as Years went by,
    I Realized I Couldn't trust anyone,
    If I Did I'd always end up hurt,
    then my life changed for the better,
    Made some real friends,
    Ones that wouldn't hurt me,
    Not for anything,
    Then I Fell in love,
    She was quite amazing,
    But Alas the barriers got between us,
    And that part passed,
    Now I'm just living on,
    With those few good friends,
    And to smile,
    I Will never Again,
    have to Pretend.