• Danielle,
    I Fear We’ve never Spoken,
    Though I Feel I know your story,
    For I’ve seen your eyes,
    Dark and Misty,
    Always ready to cry,
    I Fear I’ve let you down,
    Even though you don’t know me,
    You were always alone,
    And I just left you like that,
    Seeing your solitude made me realize something,
    That I had it good,
    Even if my friends were fake,
    Even if everyone secretly hated me,
    Some more open about it then others,
    I Had people who were there for me,
    Shoulders to cry on,
    While all you had,
    Was the insides of your palms,
    I Would have done anything,
    To be able to comfort you,
    For I Recognized your pain,
    I’ve felt it too,
    When it seems like your all alone in the world,
    If I Had Talked to you,
    On that first day I saw you,
    You wouldn’t have been like this,
    You would have smiled once,
    A Real one,
    Unlike the fake ones I’ve seen you give teachers,
    And surrounding attackers,
    I Wish I Was there for you,
    Because now its too late,
    I’ll never hear your voice,
    I’ll never see you smile,
    Your away from me,
    All of us now.