• Im fighting a war against myself.
    Attacking my emotions.
    One by one they fall to the ground taking their last breath.
    As I run through the smoke enveloped street a bullet hits my arm.
    I run to cover.
    There is only one emotion left...
    I move into a building concelled in the smoke.
    I tie my tourniquet above the bleeding hole in my arm.
    I grab my sniper rifle get into prone posistion and aim out the destroyed wall.
    I take aim at the unaware sniper.
    Im losing control,
    my finger slips off the trigger,
    I fall to the floor bleeding uncontrollebly from the wound causedf by the one emotion who empowers over all including me.
    Everything goes black,
    I awaken to find myself on the floor of my home.
    Was it a dream?
    I rip my sleeve off to find my tourniquet and a bullet wound.