• her back to the wall,
    the shaking in her hands,
    the loud thumping of her heart,
    i see as i watch from the morning stars,
    the tears fall in front of her,
    followed by an electric crash,
    two feet from death she falls to her knees,
    looking into the sky she asks,
    why do i live this life or teasing and regret?
    why do i need to hear his heart beating?
    and why love strike me so young?
    the sky then lit up as i whispered,
    your in love,
    don't fight it,
    he loves you,
    don't deny it,
    persuade your heart,
    as he once said,
    you are promised to love him until your dead,
    she looked to the ground and her hands cover in blood,
    the blood was from her broken heart,
    she was alone then and she needed his love...