• My eyes gleam in the night yet im blind,
    the whole world shines like a gem but its too bright.
    My soul guides me through what i cant see,
    i thank you.
    However if another had guide me,
    would i trust them is the question.
    What is trust is a common question,
    but answer this riddle and wonder.
    What is it the causes trust,
    is it instinct, intuition, or past experience.
    It is none i tell you,
    none is the cause.
    It is all a fantasy,
    a make believe trial.
    And yet... we continue through trust to make better,
    to make anew.
    In this glittering world of ours we are blind,
    but when it shines our eyes gleam with darkness.
    Through this darkness we trust others hoping for our benefit,
    but we are lead to our own undoing.
    So trust none other than your self,
    even though others dont under stand you.
    Let me tell you that it is okay,
    it is okay to be Misunderstood.

    By: GTF cool