• Walking into a trance
    Without one second chance
    Just one last fatal glance
    Just everyone alone

    How did we come to be
    Just like this, so unhappy
    The world got down on one knee
    And surrendered

    Reach up toward the sky
    Don't let time just pass you by
    Just gotta keep going, gotta fly
    You'll never know until you try
    Sing it out, sing it loud

    We all eventually make it through
    Everyone, and even you
    Then it just starts over, all is new
    And then you realize its a lie

    Don't look back just keep on going
    Even when the time is flowing
    Don't ever let it pass you, knowing

    One day that you will fall
    But I'll pick you up with a call
    Don't ever give away it all

    Keep moving forward, don't give in
    You know we'll always win

    Us friends, we'll always be together
    From now until forever
    Even if forever turns to never
    Just don't give up, don't give in

    Life goes on without you, whether ready or not
    Catch up to it, knowing that you fought
    All the dangers it threw at you in which you caught
    Just go forward 'cause I'm waiting for you,
    I really miss you a lot.