• Scream To Me

    You keep coming to me, you keep saying to me,
    “This won’t be the last time, you’ll see,” you keep talking; I keep walking.
    You scream to me,
    “This isn’t the end, this isn’t the last time,” you scream to me to “never leave, you’re taking one step forward to take two steps back. You can’t do this to me,” she screamed to me.
    I’ve wasted so much time in her chains, in her shackles. Scream to me she may; I’m gone, I’m gone. There is no more screaming, there is no more shouting. I’m through. There’s blood on your hands. I won’t be the next.
    You scream to me,
    “You can run, you can hide, but I’ll find you,” you scream to me, “This won’t end; It’ll never end, “you scream to me, you scream, “ don’t go, don’t go.” I’m gone.
    I’m going. Going. Gone. This is goodbye, this is goodbye. This isn’t a ‘see you later’ or a ‘bon voyage’ this is goodbye. Scream to me you may. I won’t hear you. This is a goodbye forever. The days, weeks, and years may pass you by, but I won’t. I’m gone, I’m gone. Without a wave, without a trace, I fly on. I’m breaking free at last. I’m free of your cage; I’m out of your maze.
    You scream to me,
    “This is the end, this is the last time,” You scream to me to, “leave, run, run, away from me forever. Do this, leave.
    I keep walking. I’m forever gone.