• Love is Gone

    I sit alone my face covered in many a tear,
    Alone I sit because of my worst fear.
    I clear my mind and what's this I hear,
    Your laughter echoes from the happiness of over two years.

    I cry harder from what I have lost,
    Regretting everything and what it has caused.
    You are gone and that was the cost,
    You said forever but yet aside I was tossed.

    Tonight I mourn and try to depart,
    With what's left of this lonely broken heart.
    Words escape me as to why it's so hard,
    And to why letting go can be so tart.

    I think about you over and over again,
    Coming to the conclusion love only leads to pain.
    All of this emotion is surely in vain,
    But I swear all memories of you I will retain.

    I hold my head high trying to stay strong,
    But I'm not sure if I can keep going on.
    I walk to the radio and play our song,
    Crying again I whisper "our love is gone."

    crying crying crying crying