• "Am I racing through your head"
    Or are you thinking to yourself
    "I'd rather have him instead"
    As you tightly grasp the sheets of your bed
    You'll give all we ever had to a one night stand.
    Including your Common Sense,
    to realize he's just not worth it.
    Thats one thing I wish I said.

    Because I'm not the first kid to write of hearts, lies, and friends.
    I assure you I'm not the last for mentioning tragedies and sins.
    But I feel the need to explain how it began.
    She said, "No, we'll be friends forever",
    I think we're better off as lovers.

    I've come to miss imagining cold pressed lips
    kissed against mine by way of a bottle we've sipped
    My heart is focused, but my mind is limp
    Revealing "I Love You" doesn't sound well with a lisp

    I'm sure you're interested on how the story ends
    She tells me "We'll be lovers forever....
    At least until we get out of the bed"