• There once was a boy
    far, far away. You see,
    this boy was like no other.
    He lived near a tree.

    He once was a human,
    yet not fit for the hoods.
    So some humans did experiments,
    then threw him in the woods.

    Stitches lived peacefully, some would speak of.
    He was really quite kind,
    and gentle like a dove.

    But many were afraid,
    though stitches was gentler
    so they fenced up the woods
    so no one could enter.

    Then came an adventurous girl
    with apples in a bin.
    She read the sign posted
    "no one can come in,

    For here lives Stitches
    and he is a monster.
    If ever encountered,
    you would never leave the woods, sir!

    So please stay out
    for we fear for your safety.
    This way we can save lives,
    just maybe."

    She almost left
    then she saw an apple
    and figured, she could get it quick
    run after it's grappled.

    So she made an enterance
    nice and wide.
    Into the forest
    she stepped inside.

    She picked the apple,
    almost opened her mouth wide,
    but Stitches was holding on
    the other side.

    Adventurous girl screamed
    and ran for the gate,
    but something stopped her.
    Stitches yelled "Wait!

    I'm not a monster
    like all of them say.
    I was just a boy
    that wanted to play.

    But I was kidnapped
    and my limbs were torn apart.
    All I have left
    is my beating heart."

    The girl turned around,
    her hands she did cup,
    and she asked Stitches
    "How can you talk if your mouth is sewn up?"

    Stitches shrugged,
    then simply replied
    "with button eyes and 1 organ,
    how am I standing, I should have died!"

    The girl gave a chuckle,
    then drew close.
    "Nice to meet you,
    my name is Rose."

    They played each day
    until sunset.
    They were best friends
    you could bet.

    One day someone
    had followed Rose
    and they found her
    where the apple tree grows.

    They saw her with Stitches
    playing a game
    with hoops, sticks,
    and a bicycle frame.

    That person ran back
    to tell her mother
    her father, her sister
    her dog and her brother.

    Back in the forest
    was Stitches and Rose
    underneath where
    the apple tree grows.

    "I'll be back tomorrow,
    I have a present for you.
    Swear that you'll keep it
    and you'll never be blue!"

    He gave her his word
    with that she went.
    And in stitches mind
    was a plan kept pent.

    Rose had gone home
    to her father and mother,
    sister, dog
    and her brother.

    She had broken the law,
    her parents were mad.
    In their eyes,
    Sistches was bad.

    When they'd called him a monster,
    she would disagree.
    So they locked her up
    and tossed out the key.

    But that would not stop her
    from giving a surprise
    so she grabbed a needle
    and began with the eyes.

    Sistches never saw her,
    I regret to say.
    For his gift
    would end the same way.

    He never knew
    how his heart was used,
    for his heart had always
    been abused.

    He grabbed a sharp object
    and undid the string
    and removed his heart
    like a little plaything.

    Something was wrong
    he didn't feel hot.
    he realized without his heart,
    his body would rot.

    But instead of putting it
    back in his chest
    he felt he was ready
    for a good long rest.

    So he grabbed a stick
    and the dirt he did write:
    "My heart is for you
    take it tonight."

    She never got his message
    though she did try.
    For his present
    Rose would die.

    Her eyes were gone,
    her body in stitches.
    Now dressed in rags,
    instead of riches.

    "I now you're not a monster,
    my present in store
    is so you aren't alone,
    the only monster anymore."