• We Started As Strangers.
    The History In Us Were Unknown
    But As Time Passed on
    Our Historys began to show.
    We came from something Old
    to Something new,
    We fell In love Just Like We do.
    We broke Up
    Just Beacause we had to
    We will remenber from the start
    until the end.
    There were messages that were never sent
    from you to me.
    There were mysteries
    that needed to be solved,
    But at least we discovered
    the history in us all.
    We earned trust,
    we ended that trust
    but started it all over again In the end.
    We just kept it safe until there was dust.
    We broked down,
    but then we picked up the pieces
    and Became one again.
    We all have our historys,
    but the History Is All Of Us.