• Yes i remember it all to well the long cold nights and the summers days that burned like the flames from hell

    Did we care that no one understood because as i remember it we always stayed that they were misunderstood

    I think it wasn't to long ago that i had you by my side and i held you close yes right here in my arms is where you used to be

    But now all that seems like a myth to me or better yet history i don't think i understood when you said you had o go

    And i really couldn't get it when they said your not coming back no more i remember i asked mommy why is going to stay away for a another day

    but she shook her head slowly and i could tell there was no reply coming my way and at that point i finally understood death how it moves slowly quieter than any mouse has crept and i cant wait to hold you in open arms to love you to hold you and to catch up on the things that burned like ashes past i see it in your face so i closed the casket and mad one last wish that the day i see you, you will be as graceful as an angel sleeping in the mist.

    R.I.P. cousin Maya