• Another soldier hits the ground
    Another hero falls right down
    The shots, they ring still now in her ears.
    But even the blood won't be sancitfied by tears.
    She reloads her rifle, fires again and again.
    Enemy lines seem to begin to run thin.

    As her vision blurs, she takes one more shot.
    Her body is cold, but her blood runs hot.
    She gets up again, aims to shoot once more.
    But another sear of pain hits the soldier in her very core.
    She shakes it off, weak and dilusional.
    The same soldier thinks, "This is so unconstitutional."

    That soldier now lays on the ground,
    Not making a peep, not making a sound.
    She tries to get up, but the pain is too intense.
    She army crawls, about to put in her two cents.
    Fallen soldiers all around.
    Guns and rifles fall to the ground.

    She picks one up, and fires just once more.
    She knows it hit, as she lay on the floor.
    The soldier smiles one breif smile,
    For now she knows she has gone the extra mile.
    She can wait now, for the medics to arrive.
    Even though she is paralyzed.

    She hears the sirens, she smiles again,
    As they rush her to the truck, and strap her in.
    Her blood is everywhere, but she ignores it.
    A good soldier can take a hit.
    She looks at the medic, and with a straight face tells him whats wrong.
    Because American soldiers are just that strong.