• My attitude was never something I was proud of
    Nothing I should be, or ever could be proud of
    And yet, as much as I hate it, I simply cannot change
    it brings tears to my eyes, I'm a monster, someone
    i despise.
    my attitude is nothing I am proud of
    its often there to my defense
    but at times not needed, its a horrible offense
    the people I love most, will soon drift away
    because I am a monster, I am someone I despise
    my attitude is something I fear
    as i am happiest, it slowly creeps near
    causing a b***h to appear
    the people I love most
    are now far away
    and this is the way, it shall most likely stay
    My attitude is something I wish to surrender
    although I can not or would not
    even as a terrible offender
    it's a part of i. it's who I am
    and who i'll always be.
    whether it's alone, with those I cherish, or possibly those that messed with me
    it's up to faith and destiny