• You are pathetic,
    You try and you fail.
    All you do is waste.
    The only thing man wishes he could hold.
    Because he is greedy.
    He must have everything to hold.
    But play with nothing.
    Change nothing.
    Dont say nothing.
    When you whisper like that
    you make me want to random
    attack you.
    kill you instintly.
    but then love you.
    for all that your worth.
    because you aint worth s**t
    just as i am.
    and i love it.
    You've been.
    You've seen the far end
    of town.
    where the cats meow and purr.
    You see this place at the end of town
    You claim it your own.
    You city your home.
    Well in the end.
    It always has to end.
    Cross your t's and dot your i's.
    before you spell check it.
    you will regret it
    when you press send
    too soon
    and you cant backspace and edit.
    Oh how you'll regert it.
    When your true feelings poor out.
    and die on the coffen that stands for
    what we are made of.
    You compared to me is nothing.
    But to me it is everything.
    i run to far and jump to quick.
    i spin way to fast for my own good,
    but for some reason i cant remember how,
    "it started"
    and i dont want to think
    "how it will end."
    i want you to let me hold you.
    like your mine.
    As we kiss,
    On the far side of town.
    where the cats meow and purr.
    where the sound of raidos
    and t.v sets balst out braking news.
    on the other side of the moon.
    where we lay i pray,

    i wont delete you soon.