• You ripped my heart out
    Killing me with one shot.

    You swore you loved me
    Then tore down my very being.

    I kept telling you I was sorry
    But you didn't care.

    I meant nothing to you
    And this made you smile.

    My heart in your hand
    I reached out to you.

    You squeezed
    I fell to my knees.

    Evil laughter at my pain
    Caused tears to fall down my face.

    Weak, I reached for you again
    But you squeezed harder.

    I tried to make you love me
    But you turned your back.

    Taking a staff and lifting it up
    You held my heart in your hand.

    I cried out in fear
    But you just smiled.

    Piercing my heart
    I clutched at the hole you made.

    My heart stopped beating
    And I watched the blood drip.

    My eyes close slowly
    But your face never left my memory.

    That evil, accomplished smile
    And you throwing my heart to the ground.