• When the skys fall,
    I will not be crying,
    Nor will I be smiling,
    I shall feel and understand,
    This destruction,
    Which WE have caused,
    It was not the mistakes of others,
    That led to our downfall,
    It is simply our doing,
    In trying to conquer,
    More and More.
    Our Downfall,
    It is caused by our hatered,
    Not for ourselves but for each other,
    Our Downfall,
    Is ceasing to understand what Love is,
    And its power to overcome,
    Our own desire is to be loved,
    As the days bleed into the nights,
    Our Downfall comes persistent,
    Yet stealthly.
    It comes when we are blind,
    When we are young,
    I still recall the birth of this monster,
    Our Downfall,
    It makes us all fall and rest,
    I am still alive,
    I am still awake.
    To witness our downfall.