• Crush me, Break Me, Tear my soul
    I'm just your break me doll
    Crush My heart upon the floor
    Your hate affects it all

    I'm not here to make you smile
    It's barely a good day
    You break my spirit
    The pain won't go away

    Twist me, Slam me, Just deny me
    I am but your toy
    Rip my dreams in half
    I will feel no joy

    I am sorrow and denile
    I will take your hatred
    You will break me all the same
    This is almost sacred

    Bust me, Pull me, Just refuse me
    I am nothing more to you
    Will you let my feelings go
    Am I anything more to you

    I am just a lonely dream
    Nothing there to matter
    My feelings are just like the wind
    They only seem to scatter

    Scrape me, Tear me, Put me down
    I am not here to die for
    There is no one left to save me
    Your love there is no more

    Pick me up and tear me down
    Just tell me that I'm fake
    My tears will fall in the dark
    This is more than I can take

    Crack me, Throw me, Tell me lies
    Forever within your walls
    Lock me behind your bars
    I am just your Break me doll