• Your very first toy,
    From your very first day,
    That forever you will keep,
    You hold it so tight,
    Especially at night,
    When it helps you to fall fast asleep,
    With it's cuddly structure,
    And twinkling eyes,
    It's easy to love and to hug,
    It's flip floppy ears,
    And move able limbs,
    Make hugging it even more snug,
    But now that you're older,
    You've pushed it aside,
    And moved on to much better things,
    But still on your dresser,
    The White Rabbit sits,
    The memories of it still ring,
    But that was then,
    And this is now,
    Add 10 years to those 13,
    So now that old rabbit,
    Is under your bed,
    Much better days it has seen,
    You're older and wiser,
    And much more mature,
    Than you were on the day you were born,
    And now your White Rabbit,
    Is covered with dust,
    It's tattered, it's old, and it's worn,
    As your packing your boxes,
    And moving away,
    You pull out the old dusty bunny,
    You look at the damage,
    And examine it so,
    Your expression is now bright and sunny,
    You patch up the holes,
    And stitch up the tears,
    And give it some new button eyes,
    You wash so gently,
    And make it look nicer,
    And your daughter loves the surprise,
    But now she is older,
    She's all on her own,
    And now she knows what she must do,
    The rabbit will be handed,
    From daughter to daughter,
    And each one will do just as you.