• 1. Dream or Reality?

    I dreamt of the perfect one
    To love me when all hope is gone
    To hold me when everything is bleak
    To comfort me when I'm feeling weak
    To kiss me when I'm feeling alone
    To unlock feelings that are unknown

    All along, she was there
    Nobody else could compare
    Mixed feelings rushing inside
    Feelings that can't be denied
    She said three words to melt my heart
    Words that meant we couldn't be apart
    Feelings reaching abnormality
    Is this a dream, or reality?

    2.Crumbled Lungs.

    I find it tiring to breathe
    when you're not near
    to pollute the air with
    your velvet words of love.

    It feels like someone
    has crumbled my lungs--
    into small fragments of sand;
    shoved them into an
    hourglass; and now here
    I am--helpless; awaiting
    the departure of time; life.

    I'm choking on this oxygen;
    for that's all I ever relied
    on was life support; you--
    to maintain consciousness.

    But now--you've vanished;
    my lungs have decayed in
    this hourglass; time has
    been consumed; and life
    is non-existant.

    3. The Tale Of A Werewolf

    Light turns to shadows
    As day turns to night
    My presence is unknown
    I must stay out of sight

    I grow steadily weary
    The time is drawing near
    Slowly I am filled with dread
    I start to shake with fear

    I stumble to a room
    Lock myself in tight
    There's no way I can escape
    There'll be no killings tonight

    Suddenly the changes start
    In agony I scream
    This is way too much to bear
    I wish this were a dream

    The pain finally stops
    I slowly rise to my feet
    Power surges through my body
    I'm a beast that knows no defeat

    I race around the room
    Frantically searching for a way out
    Frustration grows inside me
    Until I want to shout

    A howl comes from my throat
    I hurl myself at the door
    I will not be trapped
    I never have been before

    The door splinters on impact
    Joyously I howl
    I jump through an open window
    To begin my midnight prowl

    I race through the woods
    The full moon leading the way
    The thirst for blood surges
    I must find my prey

    A smell drifts through the air
    Unmistakably fresh
    I run in that direction
    Towards the scent of human flesh

    Mad with desire
    I fly through the night
    I come to a camp
    Killing everyone in sight

    In the morning I awaken
    In my human form once again
    I realize I'm in the woods
    And my head begins to swim

    I take in my surroundings
    Gasping at the sight
    The ground is covered with blood
    I shudder as I remember the night

    Sorrow fills my body
    Tears fall down my face
    Knowing that I must leave
    I vanish without a trace

    Into The Dream

    Sometimes reality is too much
    for an average psycho like me
    I need to rest my thoughts
    and walk into the dream.

    I find sugar laced kisses
    that make my heart flutter.
    Each planted on my cheek
    reminding me of my mother.

    Roses of the softest pink
    line every corner of my mind.
    I inhale the richest scents
    that will remain here for all time.

    Chocolate rain droplets
    fall slowly to the ground.
    I catch one on my tongue
    as I'm spinning around.

    Childhood memories
    wander back into view
    I stop and hate myself
    for remembering you.

    Sometimes the past is too much
    for a troubled person like me
    I just want to feel normal
    as I drift into the dream.


    Cheri de Mon Coeur

    The world asks "what is this love?
    What is this one thing I have never seen?
    What is this thing I am missing?
    This thing that, with joy, make one beem?
    What is this thing I can't find,
    That I hate so, but also need?
    What is this thing, needed in my life,
    Like a plant need a seed?
    What is it that, in my core,
    That I, most deffinately long for?"
    I reply "love is not a thing,
    Nor is it something you see.
    It cannot be missed, but ignored.
    Not beemed, for that would let you see.
    Not found, only discovered.
    Love can't be hated, only lust for.
    Love is, true, like a seed,
    Needed to be planted to grow, long before.
    Love is in the one to keep your heart,
    is in the darling of your heart,
    like the one reading this is the darling of mine, and mine alone."

    Do not take any of my work I have worked hard to write these