• When you think about it, do you really remember what you did last night?
    That girl you met with, the things you drank, the pills you swallowed and the bodies you've touched both physically with your own and with the words you speak. All of these things are what make you, yet all the while, they can also manage to destroy you slowly from the inside, just like everything else among the beings of this relm, a base of mind and soul conjoining for one solid purpose, life itself and the pursuit of that one final goal we all seek, regardless of what it may be.
    If you ever stopped to consider, if you will, are the things you do with yourself more or less important than the things you do with others?
    When you make that one incision, the puff of smoke that sends you into another relm of though altogether while you still retain body and soul, your mind flying away while your consiousness slips into the blackened sludge of desensitized bliss, do you consider what it will do to you in the future, is it still worth it?
    Do you wish you could take it back, even if what happened has already effected those you wished to protect?
    When you hit, scream, spit on and slash out at the ones you care of most, anger rasises to that boiling point before rage overtakes common knowledge, leading us to do both stupid and regretable things, but at the same time, isn't what we did the thing that we always wanted to do...so why do we feel bad for the things that fufils our desires?

    ((I would've written more, but then I started listening to music and I accidentally twisted my ankle hours later from this...so, I lost my train of though, so sue me, I'm human too...even if I can't get myself to believe this.))