• I take in all the pain and all the grief
    Just to be left in the rain, and stepped on like a leaf
    I fell from the tree, Now im flowing with the breeze
    Can never be at ease, because im always getting tore apart
    Its like my life is fading, but im not complaining,
    Because, i guess this is the way it should be
    I stand 6 feet, but when its all over, ill be 6 feet deep
    in the ground, a rotting corpse, That will be forgotten
    But right now, im takin life one round at a time,
    But even though im so far in, it still hasnt gotten any better
    My heart feeling light, as if im a feather, Getting pushed around
    In this Stormy weather, Its called life, And i keep going through ups and downs
    Got nothing to frown about, but nothing to smile about either
    So i walk around with a straight face, Watching life go by,
    Not in a place i want to be, and all i wanna do is cry
    We all in a race to a unknown place, that place we go when we die
    Such a rush, to get a taste, of something new, Of something not needed
    Even if your undefeated, The last battle, you will be defeated,
    So just be seated, we all sitting in the classroom of life.
    Trying to learn, trying to teach, But we still have so much to know
    And not enough time, So before we go, We have to let go, of what we hold
    So close, and pass it on, to the next