• What if we were all dead,
    And we just didn’t know it.
    Like in those movies,
    People think that they’re alive;
    Yet soon learn that they’re not.
    What if the whole world is like that?
    What if everyone in the world is already dead?!
    It could be true,
    Yet I’m pretty sure we will never know.
    Our past, present, and future are already happening,
    And changing as we do in the present.
    In the future,
    Which could be just the next day;
    I could be dead.
    I could be dead tomorrow for all I know.
    It’s not real.
    Your soul,
    It still remains.
    All that dies is that body you had.
    Everything gets old if you use it too much,
    For too long.
    Our souls are always waiting to be reborn.
    “My soul”
    It could be over a thousand years old
    And I would never,
    Ever know it.
    It’s just something we face everyday.
    Wanting it,
    Or not.
    It’s not real,
    So don’t worry.
    When that body of yours is old and tired,
    You can wait in line to get a new one.
    To be reborn.