• You know when you get that feeling?
    That feeling you know that you’re falling in love with someone?
    Then when you confess your feeling to them,
    And I love it when they love you back.
    You know that feeling when you go on you’re first date with someone?
    And when you get your first kiss.
    Oh yes,
    That first kiss.
    It is so perfect.
    Its that kiss,
    And then the ones that come after it.
    But the first one.
    Oh yeah,
    That’s the one you can never forget about.
    That’s the one that really hits you.
    That’s the best one,
    The one that seals the deal.
    The one kiss where you find out,
    If you truly love that special someone.
    It’s that first kiss.
    It’s where you start
    And make more of it,
    Or end it before it really hurts to let go.
    And when you pull away from that kiss,
    Looking each other in the eyes;
    And when those three words come out.
    Your heart feels like it will explode with joy.
    Even if you can’t explain it,
    You’re in love and that’s all that matters to you.
    Love is the most powerful thing in the world.
    It’s unexplainable,
    But even if you can’t explain it;
    It doesn’t need a meaning.
    Just a feeling.
    Love is a way of life,
    A way you live.
    They ask you how you feel,
    And why you like them.
    Sometimes you answer,
    Others not.
    Weather you answer or not,
    It doesn’t matter;
    Because deep down you are in love and that’s all that matters.
    Meaning love is unexplainable.