• Dark are the hearts and
    Black are the souls
    Ever they seek the
    Truths unknown
    Midst the waves
    I hear the bells
    Death is on its way

    Beautiful is the
    Doomed ringing of the
    Death tolling bells
    The songs
    If ever they should whisper
    There is none

    Loud and clear they
    Rang for me
    Beneath the rain
    This ever night
    The feathers fallen
    On my path
    For light I fell asleep

    [Chorus x2]

    Forgive me for my sins
    Oh You who are the Light
    For on this path to night
    I will await my dawn

    Lord, I am calling
    The bells ring in my soul
    Take me from this world
    I’m ready now to go

    [Chorus x2]

    Take me Holy One