• I'm up once more, its half past 10,
    pondering, thinking on everything.
    I can't wait to see you again,
    and all the relief that you always bring.

    I miss reading your every post,
    and wishing you a goodnight.
    I hate this limit of communication the most,
    how we still remain separate tonight.

    Together, only by a full moons hum,
    I'm sorry I have nothing to show.
    Still I hate what I have become,
    to need to bow this low.

    Even though you don't hear the phones' rings,
    please, with me stay.
    For my heart, it dreadfully stings,
    and my mind is always away.

    Please don't feel clumsy,
    it's mostly my fault too.
    Please, don't forget me,
    as I have not forgotten you.

    Left and right my friends tear me apart,
    I feel cherished by none.
    Please, hold me close to your heart,
    then, at least, I will be near one.

    There is a request that I gots:
    if our friendship is true...
    Please, keep me in your thoughts,
    as I have faithfully kept you.