• As I look up to the sky
    The moon shines on me
    I begin to wonder where I really should be
    I look across the distance
    Towards the empty horizon
    And as far as I can see
    Is a dream, a journey
    Just waiting for me

    The moon shines much brighter
    Lighting a path for me
    I believe this is what people call destiny
    Instead of walking
    I run towards the sunny side
    With the moon as my guide
    I take my route
    Towards a meadow
    It looks beautiful
    And radiant with the moonlight
    I sleep beneath the largest tree
    Who knows what awaits me?

    As I wake up
    I'm still in a daze
    I shake it away
    And begin walking again
    Abruptly came to a stop
    For I thought I met the end
    Before me was a gate
    That was made of iron and painted black
    Beyond it was fiery flames
    Waiting to engulf me in its heat
    I tried to run the other way
    Unknown forces took hold of me
    And forced me towards the iron gate

    While I burned to ashes
    Within the flames
    I realized the gate
    That was made of iron and painted black
    Led to the underworld
    The one we know as hell