• The pain of loseing you was more than i could bare

    I try so hard to hide those thoughts and all the memories from the fair

    Were we'd walk all day till the sun was set, and show our happy smiles.

    But now the fair has left... and the happy smiles are now nothing but gloomy frowns.

    And the tears are like bounds

    They hold me down, like chains of steel.

    Wraped around my heart, they squeeze tight. While I fight for dear light.. and fight and fight..

    But the pain and agony of loseing you... was much to much to bare

    It beats me, slowly but painfully breaking me into shatterd peices.

    I can still see your beautiful eyes melting into mine.

    Bright blue, beautiful blue, while mine are dark, yes mine.

    The colors melt toghether like a unique little stone.

    Like a stone you would want to meditate on whatever beautiful thought was your own..