• My heart, is in pain.
    My mind, is insane.
    I dont know what to do!
    When my life, no longer revolves around you.
    Even when everything is all gone...
    Still in my heart, you are the one.
    Just tell me what to do!
    Because clearly... I'm not over you.
    I want you out of my life for good!
    Or... was I misunderstood?
    You're the one who has my heart.
    But it did not belong to you, not even from the start...
    Or was it?? 'Cause I dont even know!
    Was it there, for the whole world to show?
    Were you just the lucky guy...
    Who took it, then made the love, a lie?
    I dont know why, I feel this way...
    I dont know what to do, or say!
    My heart, my mind, my life, they're out of control...
    Just because of my heart, you stole.
    You left me alone to cry...
    And that was... Your Last Good-Bye.