• I look up to the moon,
    the pale yellow flowering
    before the dampened cloud's doom
    how many times have I longed to share
    a night like this with you?
    how many times have I told myself to get over you?

    rain falls helplessly to the ground,
    clouds layer the sky like stones in a riverbed,
    the moisture reminds me of that day,
    when I found you utterly content,
    wrapped up in your own thoughts,
    until I revealed myself to you.

    I flew to a different world,
    one with no doubts or rejections,
    rays of hope shined on my desire,
    and I lunged for it.

    My heart broke in two
    when it disappeared before my hungry embrace,
    I know it'll come back,
    but I don't know when,
    I don't know if I'm willing to wait for you.

    I can't wait for you anymore
    I need to move on
    so I can shed this dark coat of depression,
    the fur growing sleek and as black as pitch

    but I have to wait
    because deep down i know you will come
    that you will take the coat off for me
    and burn it in your happiness

    Another day passes,
    when the sky turned like the river bed,
    and the rain fell helplessly to the ground,
    just as I am falling.