• The infestation of misantropy and nihilism is the plague that haunts the temple.

    Locked up in here we wonder what is outside of these walls. It seems like a "bountiful" place inside here, but what's outside?

    Regardless of the latter, there is the light that blinds.

    A hand that feeds that thing inside us.

    That thing we all find so abnormal but act upon regularly.

    Luxuria | Asmodeus
    Gula | Beelzebub
    Avaritia | Mammon
    Acedia | Belphegor
    Ira | Amon
    Invidia | Leviathan
    Superbia | Lucifer

    But hey! Why hide what is already burned in our instinct?

    Acceptance by those whose horns and tail are hid by their own blindness for acceptance from you?


    The way we are locked in here blinded by that light.

    That light that knows what we are, that light that is telling us what we are.

    Yet we are too ignorant to see what it really is.

    I block out the light with my hands.

    I ignore it's ambrosia-like effect on the eye.

    Only to see:

    There is nothing but the light.

    Label me the anti-christ as i will stand agaisnt the light.

    Watch them follow.

    Watch them fall.

    Watch them stand-by and point.

    Divinity within sins.