• Burning Heart

    My heart is on fire,
    Burning with desire.
    I never wanted so much;
    As this one simple touch.
    Oh god I miss him,
    All I want to do is kiss him.
    Yes I have never wanted so much,
    As this one simple touch.
    A touch of the face,
    A touch of the hand,
    Either of these two;
    Would leave me stunned where I stand.
    My body is tingling,
    Butterflies flying around.
    My eyes are fixated,
    On the ground where you stand.

    This love is forever,
    Dont break my hurt; not ever.
    I promise to stay here,
    So dont you ever fear.
    My heart is a reflection;
    Of the way I feel about you.
    Since you make everyday feel new.
    How could this end?
    When this feels so right.

    So please be mine,
    Dont say that you might.
    Because my heart is on fire,
    It's burning with desire
    With the way I feel about you.,
    So dont go leaving,
    Always stay by my side.
    I'll be happy forever,