• “My only”
    My only is deep within
    Where no one has ever been
    Underneath the veil, it remains concealed
    It sleeps, hoping to never wake
    My only has battled betrayal, deceit, and hurt
    Equipping armor, and building walls
    To protect itself from the fall
    Illusions of happiness, love, acceptance
    Have faded out; a distant falsehood
    What feels familiar to an eternal dream?
    That is what is, so it seems
    As my only searches, searches, and searches endlessly
    For another
    A path that devours itself; soon enough it returns again
    No alternative, no fulfillment
    My only embraces all it has
    Rejecting the world; letting go of the past
    Emotions become enemies
    Humanity is monstrous
    Life is known to give a cold impression
    That instills my only with fear
    Fear of changing, fear of vulnerability
    Confusion consumes its identity
    To now be a shell of vacant substance
    Nothingness is satisfyingly secure
    My only blocked all else out
    Even Me.