• Staring at the cold glass before me,
    Turn looking down the hallway,
    Feelin' O so blue
    cause I left you

    My eyes fill with tears,
    Feeling your standing there,
    Why can't you see,
    What you've done to me

    You're the light in my window
    The dark of my night
    The glare on the water
    The depth of my sight,
    My one and only heart,
    And the love of my life only you

    Staring at the window
    Inside my soul
    shines like mirror
    Showing me only dark

    When you walk past
    I see the light shine through
    Showing me
    There is only you
    O-o there is only you


    The window frosts over
    And so does my heart
    As you countiune past me
    It turns back to dark

    The girl in this mirror
    Is not who you think
    When you see my anger
    You simple weep
    O-o you simple weep....