• I came back thinking nothing had change
    But like the rest of life
    It had all but stayed the same
    And I wander in the background
    A smile hiding the pain
    Because though I wasn’t forgotten
    I wasn’t given a place

    I see the way they click
    And my heart slowly falls
    I want to show them me
    But I’m scared I’ll fall further behind
    What am I to the world
    Besides another struggling teen
    With to big a past to hide
    And struggling to try

    And as I see them happy
    I wonder if it was best
    To be so far away
    Then to inflict the pain
    On the thing in my chest.

    So I try to forget
    And try not to run
    Even though I don’t want to be here
    Anymore then they seem to care
    Maybe I expected to much
    Maybe I need to calm down
    But I think life has hit me
    And its really not fun