• Haven't you gone to wonder about the ones you used to love? You think about the times you spent
    with them, the times you laughed, cried. But when you think about the time you left eachother, you think of how you could
    have changed it. Your sitting there alone in your room thinking about how they made you smile.
    Wondering if someone else could make you smile like that again. Maybe if you called them it
    would all be okay. But you can't just call them, they've moved on. There with someone else now.
    Your sitting there crying to yourself while you think of them. But then you realize it wasn't
    something you lost, but yet something to gain. You learned from the mistakes of that
    relationship and move on. Every now and then you think about wanting to be with them again, but
    you start to remember the day you met your new lover. Your new love treats you better, loves you
    better, makes you smile more than your old lover. The best part is, your new lover keeps their
    promises. You keep wondering about one promise. You take a look at your left hand. Then you
    see a ring placed apon your finger. You and your lover are now, Promised Lovers.