• oh... its just so insane
    to know all what we need to know
    to feel so much pain
    and leave with the flow
    to laugh so crazy that its how you live
    maybe just maybe its how you just give
    to be wide eyes and bite furious
    o ya i can bite so hard
    take some of them shrooms, oh you'll be delirious
    ha ha the heart is what i can call strain
    something nobody really needs but it can amount to all the pain
    ha ha why talk about Amor,
    when you know that there is war
    to tear lives apart, oh that would be fun
    but to feel so much better is ending it all with a gun
    but thats just crazy talk
    thats insane
    lets go out for a walk
    under a moon lite day
    sounds of the birds
    chirp so pretty
    but look into broken eyes
    now thats all petty
    smirk in the wind
    fallen in the heart
    thats how it all can be send
    thats how it can be torn apart

    heres a story
    halved of a person
    halved of a mind
    nothing more to say
    but lost in time
    so funny how to argue with himself
    about what he feels
    to forget it all now
    he should finally heal
    but his mind doesn't want to forget
    no, it keeps listening
    his heart is just so lost
    but he can still feel it blistering
    the sadness of time
    it is lost in what we call space
    no more to see
    no more to taste
    oh life passes by just to fast
    if you think about it
    its nothing compared to your past
    its flying so rapid
    no more in sorrow
    to the feeling is, can wait to see tomorrow
    its just so crazy
    how we live today
    no more emotions
    true to say

    so much hiding going on in earth
    but some people say it was with them since birth
    thats all lies
    to be afraid should exist
    to face your fear is a hist
    im scared more then to die
    its to give up what i call a heart
    but hey what can i say
    i take my risks everyday
    i love to live life on the edge
    to stare death in this face
    and I'll be honest, i can disappear without a trace
    its so crazy how everything can happen
    to stand in front of people who effect you so much
    you don't know it, till you lost that one touch
    but i can slip away so easily
    not to be noticed to be gone......

    so insane
    so crazy
    so psychotic
    envious i would love to say
    i love to live in this world today
    but when the night falls
    yes as that water fills flesh and bone
    to see that pale skin tone
    to live as a Vampire i would love to be
    ha ha that would just be me
    to lose my heart beat
    but yet still walk around
    so berserk to be in daylight
    in the middle of the town
    so crazy...
    just so crazy...
    the thoughts of today....
    i count them wrong...
    for we all don't know what to say

    oh the insanity
    that blast through me
    ha ha ha ha ha the laughs
    that ...even though inside....
    to die.........
    or to myself i lie......
    ha ha its just so funny
    maybe just maybe
    what am i saying
    to dream
    its exactly what it might seem
    with all emotion so suppressed
    its all the reason why you should get up and get dressed
    but back in your mind you know whats wrong
    but really your trying to live and be strong
    ha ha the heart is just to weird
    it is something i personally feared
    the sunset in the rain is so wonderful
    but the sunrise in pain is grounding to the soul
    taken away from my own feet
    is something even my own seat

    to stand for everyone
    even though i am alone
    do see my heart
    it isnt cold as stone
    hell i wish i could see it
    to see its scars
    that would be funny
    even to the blackened stars
    look at them laughing there tears away
    leaving the moon alone just to say
    why am i here
    why do i see
    why do i feel
    don't care and leave me be
    not to see the ocean under
    but to hide behind those clouds filled with thunder
    the cries of the god amor
    just leaves me here cratered and tore
    to fight with the sun
    my other half
    wish i was mortal
    so i can really laugh
    so insanely
    so crazy...
    its Psychotic
    so berserk
    its where the heart has lerk
    spoken from the moon
    his heart filled message
    he seems in such gloom
    its so sad he know the presage
    ha ha to bad we don't know it
    for we would do what we wouldn't see fit
    so funny how people try to rise
    but we know not to stand
    don't you here there cries
    why don't you give them a hand
    i might be alone
    but others should be happy
    find them a home
    help them smile....
    why be so serious
    it might take a while...
    how the joker laughs is just so funny...
    his insanity holds down the world called his heart....
    to see paradise
    is only in the mind
    to change fate
    so insane it would be so great
    psycho, people call me
    but i know how to change the stars.....
    let me show you the world
    just so far
    deeper then the ocean floor
    higher then the highest cloud
    and just so much more
    o hits just so insane
    to know all what we need to know
    to feel so much pain
    and leave with the flow
    to laugh so crazy that its how you give
    maybe just maybe its how you just live