• Tired of this pain
    The pain that comes with a mental rain
    The pain that comes with a Physical Strain
    The pain that comes with a Spiritual Stain
    The Stain that is a Scar
    But i find it funny, even though ive traveled so long
    Ive only gotten this far, Even though im this strong
    I not on par, Its so bizarre That no matter how right i seem
    Im almost always wrong, Or is it just me?
    Confused and lost, but now awake and amused
    Laughin at life, Because its such a funny fight
    Like someone just brought a knife to a gun fight
    I lost sight of the light, but now its just over the horizon
    It was once gone, but now found,
    Which means a new dawn
    A New Sound
    A New Town
    A New Round
    Ding ding
    Its a new fight, But when i look around i see no enemy
    Because the opponent is no one but me
    But how did i wind up here, i was blind
    And drifted into the unknown
    But i am no longer bound here
    I am a changed man, with a new plan
    In a Familiar Land, and the ball is in my hand
    So that means its my command
    And Slowly ive begun to understand
    What it was that was said
    Why these tears were shed
    And why these wounds bled
    there was a conflict in my heart and my head
    I forgot the things i said
    That life was a book i already read
    But i was reminded and now im looking ahead
    Once again, wondering when will i attain what im looking to find
    Because all im trying to obtain is the right state of mind